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Most of the links below are Orkney-related, but we have included a few links to sites of interest with a wider Scottish or island connection. . Recently added links appear at the top of the list.

If you'd like to suggest some more for inclusion, please contact us at links@orknet.co.uk.

For those of a curious nature you can also find out about the latest UK News and Weather.

The Flotta Web Guide - an excellent new website devoted to one of Orkney's islands nestled within Scapa Flow, the island of Flotta.

Alan Moar's Aerial Pictures - Alan's a pilot who has been taking stunning aerial pictures over Scotland from the cockpit - here's a selection taken over Orkney.

Northlink Orkney and Shetland Ferries - Car and passenger ferry service to the Orkney Islands

A link to the new Orkney and Shetland ferry service

South Ronaldsay and Burray Civil Death Registers: Extracted Index

A useful link for those researching their ancestors

Orkney Islands Sea Angling Association

Pages for the sea angling enthusiast

Papa Westray

Island website sponsored by the Papay Development Trust

Orkney Trout Fishing Association

The web site of the Orkney Trout Fishing Association - Scotland's Premier Angling Club

George Mackay Brown

Site from Sue Tordoff, dedicated to the life and works of the 'Bard of Orkney'

Orkney Rugby Football Club

Keep up with results, fixtures and more

Orkney Health Board

Guide to the services provided by the local health board

The Island Hermitage

Home page of Christian Hermitage of Sr. Clare Julian on Eday.

Eday School Website

A site from one of the North Isles schools

Orkney Badminton Association

Check out the badminton fixtures, see how your local team is doing, and much more

Orkney Blues

Your on-line guide to Orkney Blues 2000, October 13th-15th

St Magnus Centre Website

Site dedicated to the efforts to raise funds to refurbish the existing St Magnus Hall and to add further facilities, including a visitor centre.

Matthew Wilkinson's Woodcarving Page

Learn how to carve wood courtesy of Orkney woodcarver Matthew Wilkinson!

Biodiversity Magazine

On-line magazine with, each term, contributions from a different Orkney school

North Ronaldsay

Another site from the Outer Isles - this time fromt the northernmost tip of Orkney


This island now has its own site

Orkney Sailing Club

For information on sailing and social events throughout the year, racing and training programmes, and the history of the club.

Orkney Riding Club

Take a look here to keep up to date with Club events, buy new equipment, check out other sites and maybe find your dream horse!

Environmental Concern Orkney

The official website of an important local pressure group - ECO

Winter Solstice Sunset at Maes Howe

Victor Reijs' Website will feature images from a camera placed inside Maes Howe, to provide a unique view of the winter solstice sunset from within the 5,000 year-old chambered cairn. Broadcast from 8th December onward.

Charles Tait's Ba' Page

Pictures and commentary from previous years Ba games, with details of winners. Photos of this years games will be posted during and after the events.

Papa Westray Community School

Papay School now has its own website, complete with self-portraits of the pupils - all six of them. Not just a school, but an outreach centre, meeting place, library, darkroom, fitness suite...

Skerryvore Practice

Skerryvore is a health practice in Kirkwall blazing a trail on the Web with comprehensive practice information, links and a bulletin board.

Kirkwall City Pipe Band

Kirkwall City Pipe Band are a mainstay of many special public occasions in the Orkney events calendar. They now have their own Website developed by drummer Alan Tullock, and it aims to be a focus for both former and current members.

Orkney Native Tree Group

Firth Primary School Headteacher John Moar has set up a website for the Orkney Native Tree Group, with financial help from the Millennium Forest Trust.

The Orkney Homecoming Website

"During the 18th and 19th centuries, as many as 90% of the Canadian-based employees of the Hudson's Bay Company were of Orcadian descent, and it is our intention to celebrate this unique heritage with a major Millennium project, The Orkney Homecoming."
This is a truly ambitious project which reflects the hard work and commitment of many people both in Orkney and in Canada - pay the website a visit and find out more, we think you'll be truly impressed!

Firth School Website

Firth Primary School have set up their own Web site, under the watchful eye of headteacher John Moar. This site rightly won the Scottish section of a recent Post Office sponsored competition for school Websites. A shining example of what the Web is all about...

Lady Nancy MacCorkill's Scone's Scottish Internet Book

A fascinating Website containing lots of useful references to 'All things Scottish and Celtic' - soon to feature a page on the standing stones of Orkney. Well worth a visit!

Charles Tait's homepages

Charles Tait is one of Orkney's best known photographers and publishes a definitive guidebook. His homepages contain some fascinating archeological information on Orkney, as well as information on Orkney's famous Ba game.

Stromness Academy Website

Stromness Academy is a secondary community school, serving about 480 pupils, which was opened on the 11th of September, 1990. The previous Stromness Public School/Stromness Academy was the school of George Mackay Brown, the famous Orcadian novelist and poet.

Walt Custer's Orkney Genealogy website.

Walt Custer's pages contain a wealth of genealogical information regarding Orcadian surnames. The site now covers 215 surnames with both birth/baptism and often also marriage indices. It contains over 70 megs of data and is being expanded constantly with additional surnames being added based upon user requests. Information is available on the following surnames:
Aime, Allan, Anderson, Angus, Annal, Arcus, Bain, Balfour, Ballantyne, Ballenden, Banks, Baikie, Baillie, Barnet, Begg, Berstan, Bews, Bichan, Black, Brass, Bremner, Brock, Brodie, Brown, Budge, Burgess, Caird, Caithness, Calder, Campbell, Chalmers, Chambers, Clouston, Cock, Comloquoy, Cooper, Corrigal, Corsie, Cowper, Craigie, Crawford, Crear, Cromarty, Croy, Cruickshank, Cumming, Cursiter, Cutt, Dass, Davidson, Davie, Dearness, Delday, Dennison, Dick, Donaldson, Drever, Duncan, Dunnet, Durran, Esson, Eunson, Farquhar, Fea, Fergus, Fiddler, Findlay, Finlay, Firth, Flaws, Flett, Fotheringhame, Foubister, Foulis, Fraser, Frisken, Garrioch, Garson, Gaudie, Gibson, Goar, Gorn, Gorrie, Grant, Gray, Grieve, Groat, Groundwater, Gullion, Gunn, Gutcher, Guthrie, Halcro, Halliday, Hamiger, Harrold, Harvie, Hay, Heddle, Hercus, Hewison, Hildie, Holland, Holm, Horrie, Hourie, Hourston, Hume, Hutchison, Inkster, Irvine, Irving, Isbister, Johnston, Kaid, Kelday, Kemp, Kent, Kirkness, Laing, Laird, Lamb, Laughton, Learmonth, Leask, Leith, Lennie, Liddle, Linay, Linklater, Logie, Loutit, Lyon, Mainland, Manson, Marwick, Mason, Matches, Meason, Melville, Meil, Michal, Michael, Mill, Milne, Mitchell, Moar, Mode, Moodie, Morwick, Mowat, Muir, Munro, Murray, Nesbit, Nicolson, Nisbet, Norquoy, Ogilvie, Omand, Paplay, Pauvy, Peace, Petrie, Reid, Rendall, Rich, Ritch, Robertson, Robson, Rosie, Rousay, Ryrie, Sabiston, Sandison, Scarth, Scott, Seatter, Shearer, Short, Sinclair, Skea, Slater, Smith, Spence, Stevenson, Stewart, Stickler, Stokan, Stout, Stuart, Sutherland, Swanney, Swanson, Tait, Taylor, Thomson, Towers, Towrie, Traill, Tulloch, Turfus Vallion, Velzian, Wallace, Walls, Wards, Watt, Westray, Williamson, Wilson, Wishart, Work, Wylie & Yorston.

Orkney Islands GENUKI Project Genealogy Page

Robert Marwick's comprehensive resource is an absolute must for anyone interested in tracing their Orkney family history. It contains a wealth of information, with many contact details for a host of Orkney-related organisations and Internet resources.

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies' Website

Distinguished British composer and Orkney resident, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies now has a very comprehensive Web site devoted to his life and works. Orkney - its people and landscape, features heavily in Sir Peter's music, who was a founder of our famous St Magnus Festival.

Memories of St Andrew's School

A fascinating 118 year history of the recently closed St Andrews' School, presented by Russell Manson. Pages of fascinating stories, and large numbers of excellent photographs - A

The Shetland News

The Shetland News is Shetland's daily online paper, regularly updated with topical stories of critical merit - definitely not the usual provincial 'newsletter' stuff that often passes for a local 'newspaper'.

Sigurd Towrie's "Orkneyjar- The Heritage of the Orkney Islands"

Sigurd Towrie is an Orcadian with a keen interest in photography and Orkney heritage and folklore. His well-researched and beautifully presented Website reflect these interests, and a visit is an absolute must!

Stone Pages

The Stone Pages is a project undertaken by two Italians who travel around Europe examining archeological sites, then adding photos and descriptions to their web site. They've done some outstanding work on a number of Orkney sites.

Scapa Flow - the wrecks

The waters of Scapa Flow are famous for the rich and often sad history associated with War. Scapa Flow is one of the premier diving locations in Europe. This site gives the background to some of the wrecks contained within its waters.

Scottish Highland Explorer

A site based on the Black Isle, devoted to information on Inverness, Moray, Nairn, and Ross and Cromarty.

Joanne Winters' guide to Orkney

There is much useful information on this page, especially some of the travel and contact details, and personal recommendations.

UK and Ireland Geneaology Index

This should prove a valuable resource for those researching family histories and connections.

Orkney Scene

Trevor Hunt, Minister for the parish of Firth (and Orkney Presbytery secretary), has compiled some pages on the Orkney Presbytery and on Orkney in general.

The Lady Godiva

Sanday resident Eric Stockton's magazine, 'The Lady Godiva', contains personal views and essays on a wide range of topics.


These are the three main newsgroups devoted to the most appropriate cultural and geneaological discussions of Orkney-related matters.

Clive Ruggles' images of archaeological sites in Orkney

Leicester University academic Clive Ruggles, has made available these photographs of various Orkney archaeological sites. Set your monitor depth to display 256 colours if you experience crashes whilst viewing the images.

Over the Sea - The Miracle of Lambholm

Stuart Crowther, from John O' Groats, has written this article on the story behind the world-famous Italian Chapel. He also publishes The Last Post, a community newsletter for John O' Groats.

Bill Irvine's Web pages

Bill Irvine is an Orcadian who left the Islands in 1950, and now lives in British Columbia. His pages contain useful links to genealogical sources and Scotland/Orkney related sites. His Family History page makes fascinating reading. He has also put up a page on Orkney Tour Guide Hazel Goar, who runs 'Orcadian Reflections'. Well worth a visit!

Commercial Links

Orcadian Reflections - Guided tours of Orkney by Hazel Goar.

Maureen Brass - Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the Canadian Rockies.

Celtic Jewellery - Rebekah Collins' online catalogue features a selection from Orkney.

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