The only landlocked parish on Orkney, Harray lies roughly in the centre of the West Mainland alongside Harray loch. The eastern side of the parish rises to hilly moorland, and many of Orkney's birds of prey can be seen here. The western side is largely good agricultural land, and the loch is well known for trout fishing.

Loch fishing
(C) Richard Welsby

The Corrigall Farm Museum recreates a 19th century Orkney farmstead. The house is much the same as it would have been, with original furniture and utensils. There is a good display of equipment and farm tools.

Click Mill is a 19th century water driven mill with the wooden horizontal water wheel under the building. The name derives from the sound the mechanism would have made while in operation.

The view from the Chair of Lyde is exceptional. To the east are views over Rendall and Shapinsay. To the west, over the moors to Harray and Stenness lochs with the hills of Hoy in the distance.

Photograph courtesy of Richard Welsby

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